BlueDental Choice Copayment

Our BlueDental Choice Copayment plan is a lower premium, easy-to-use PPO dental program that stresses preventive care while providing you the flexibility to choose any dentist – in or out of network. Although the plan provides a richer benefit when using an in-network dentist, the choice is always up to you.

When you do use a dentist in the BlueDental Choice Copayment network, you’ll pay only the specified copayment for the procedure which you always know up front and any applicable deductibles that may apply. That’s it.

Plus, when you use a participating dentist in the BlueDental Choice Copayment network*, you’ll receive maximum plan benefits and be protected against balance billing (the difference between the BlueDental Choice Copayment charge and the dentist’s charges).

As BlueDental Choice Copayment plan member, you’ll enjoy:

  • An extensive PPO network of general dentists and specialists throughout Florida
  • Predictable low copayments and deductibles that let you know exactly what any out-of-pocket costs will be
  • A 20-percent discount on orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry procedures when you visit a participating provider
  • Pre-determination of benefits

Count on our team to help you select the perfect plan. We’re always here to help.

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*Networks are comprised of independent contracted dentists.