BlueDental Care

BlueDental Care is a cost-effective prepaid plan that’s designed to encourage regular cleanings and preventive services that lead to good dental hygiene and better overall health.

With BlueDental Care plans, visiting the dentist is convenient and cost effective.

• No deductible to meet
• No annual dollar maximum
• Coverage for oral cancer screening
• Coverage for teeth whitening
• No claim forms to file
• No waiting period for coverage
• No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
• Preventive services at little or no cost to you
• A schedule of benefits shows exactly what any out-of-pocket costs will be
• Each family member can select his or her own network* dentist
• Members are automatically covered for most preventive services

BlueDental Care makes it easy for you to take care of your family’s dental health and watch your budget. To see all the dentists in the BlueDental Care network, click on Find a Dentist at the top of this page.

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*Networks are comprised of independent contracted dentists.

**The Oral Health for Overall Health Program is not available to members of BlueDental Care Prepaid Plans.