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Frequently Asked Questions

An employee who is hired after the initial enrollment period and that meets eligibility requirements, can enroll in the plan within 31 days of becoming eligible. The employee must complete and sign a Group Member Life & Dental Enrollment Application (Form 50625). Please be sure all information on the application is complete and legible, including your group name, group number and the effective date of coverage for the employee. Provide the employee with a copy of the form and retain a copy for your records.

No-cost dental COBRA administration is available for groups of 20 or more when a dental plan is packaged with a Florida Blue health plan.

We will comply with COBRA as administered by your organization. Employees and/or their dependents that would otherwise lose coverage may choose to keep group coverage for up to 18, 29 or 36 additional months, depending on the circumstances.

When an employee chooses to continue individual and/or dependent coverage, under COBRA you must notify Florida Blue no later than 30 days following the event that has made the employee and/or dependents eligible for this coverage. If, at the time of the qualifying event, an employee has not made a decision regarding COBRA coverage, it is best to terminate coverage pending a decision.

The employee has 60 days to make this decision. If the employee accepts the COBRA extension, coverage will be restored as of the termination date with no lapse in coverage.

When an employee marries, adopts or gives birth to a child, these new dependents are eligible to enroll in the member’s plan within 30 days of becoming eligible. The employee must complete and sign a Change Notice (Form 50683). Please be sure all information on the form is complete and legible and retain a copy for your records.

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