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Why Sell BlueDental

Florida Blue offers your clients highly competitive and flexible dental plans that are uniquely designed to work directly with our Florida Blue medical plans. Our dental plans not only promote employee oral health, but also enhance their overall health – improving productivity and lowering medical costs… benefits only available when you with dental and medical plans from Florida Blue.

Florida Blue dental is a good choice for clients for many reasons:

Employees Prefer More Blue Benefits

Employees prefer the peace of mind that comes with Florida Blue across the entire range of financial security products. Offering additional Blue benefits makes employers more attractive for recruiting purposes and improves satisfaction, helping employee retention.

At the same time, employers can benefit from our package discounts for medical and dental.

Flexible Plans and Competitive Rates

Florida Blue offers a comprehensive range of competitive plan options that are flexible enough to match your individual and group clients’ needs. We are now more competitively priced, with up to 20% lower rates for PPO fully-insured group products.

When you factor in value-added benefits like Maximum Rollover and Oral Health for Overall Health, along with additional features (see below), our plans can not only match, but exceed our competitors’ offerings.

  • Coverage of implants and posterior composite fillings
  • No-cost COBRA administration benefits
  • Discounts on non-covered cosmetic and orthodontic services available at certain providers

Lower Medical Costs with Oral Health for Overall Health

Dental health has a significant direct impact on the overall health and medical costs of our members, especially for those with conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD), and oral cancer — as well as those who are pregnant. Given the prevalence of these conditions, many employers are not only familiar with this correlation, but are willing to switch to an integrated health and dental carrier to obtain an estimated 3.6% savings on overall medical costs. This equates to meaningful medical savings over time for experience-rated and ASO clients.

Florida Blue’s Oral Health for Overall Health Program is uniquely designed to work with Florida Blue health plans to proactively identify these members, conduct outreach, and educate them on the enhanced cleaning and periodontal benefits we provide them at no additional cost — a value of up to $1,110.

  • These benefits are covered 100% when performed by a participating or preferred dental provider.
  • There are no deductibles or coinsurance costs.
  • These services are covered outside the annual maximums.

Members’ Benefits Go Further With Maximum Rollover

We understand plan members may not use all their benefit dollars each year. So, we created a way for them to accumulate those extra dollars.

Maximum Rollover allows members to accumulate a portion of their unused benefit dollars for use in future years. This flexibility allows members to plan and schedule major services in advance – or be in a better position to deal with an unexpected procedure or emergency situation. This also gives members an incentive to be wise consumers and manage their dental plan costs.

The Smarter Network

You don’t have to compromise with Florida BlueDental. We balance the size, discounts, and quality of our networks to give members access to a large number of in-network dentists who are personally credentialed by our Florida-based provider relations team. This “smarter” network is highly competitive in size across Florida and boasts the deepest effective discounts in the state.*

We also have one of the largest national networks, with over 70,000 provider locations and nearly 300,000 access points. The strength of our national and Florida networks gives our members the access they need together with the savings they want.

*Ruark Consulting, “2017 PPO Network Study,” 2018. Effective discounts reflect the savings that employers will experience when our strong discounts are coupled with high levels of in-network utilization.

Better, Faster Service

Florida Blue has made substantial investments to improve our enrollment and billing, while our claims and call center metrics remain consistently excellent. With a streamlined sales and fulfillment process and expanded implementation team, we are able to ensure faster, more accurate installations for large groups. Groups with 50 or fewer employees benefit from an onboarding and enrollment process that is simple, fast, and integrated with Florida Blue health.

At the same time, our member service is unparalleled. Members have 247 online access to their benefits, conveniently integrated with their Florida Blue health account. When members have questions or need help, our team is standing by to provide fast, accurate customer service. Members can even drop into one of the many Florida Blue centers throughout the state.

Opportunities Add up With Florida Blue Ancillary Products

Everyone benefits from buying dental together with Florida Blue health plans — including agents. Selling more dental and other ancillary products through Florida Blue helps your bottom line through our multiple incentive programs, which can add up quickly!

For more detailed information on our Products and Services, see our Agent Guides.