Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I find a dentist that participates in my plan’s network?

Click on Find a Dentist at the top of this page and visit our online Provider Directory.

How often can I change my dentist?

As a BlueDental Choice, BlueDental Choice Plus or BlueDental Choice Copayment member, you can change dentists as often as you like since you are not required to select a primary dentist.
If you are a BlueDental Care member, please call (877) 325-3979 to change your dentist. Be sure to allow at least 30 days before seeking services from your new provider.

I’m traveling out of state. How can I find a dentist?

Dental emergencies happen, but with our plans there’s no concern. A broad network of quality dentists is available to BlueDental Choice, BlueDental Choice Plus and BlueDental Choice Copayment members who travel or live outside of Florida. To find a dentist in our national network simply click on the Find a Dentist button at the top of this page.

BlueDental Care members can contact their participating BlueDental Care dentist for treatment or call (877) 325-3979 for more information on emergency treatment.

Is there a discount program for services not covered under a plan?

BlueDental Choice, BlueDental Choice Plus and BlueDental Choice Copayment members may be eligible to receive a 20-percent discount off standard provider service fees for orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry services. This discount is available to members who do not have orthodontic coverage as part of their plan. To find a participating dentist, click on Find a Dentist at the top of this page and select Cosmetic Dental Discount Program under Step 2.

Note: Certain dentists have voluntarily agreed to offer a 20% discount off their usual charge for non-covered cosmetic or orthodontic services. These dentists are identified by an affiliation to either the Cosmetic Dental Discount Program or Orthodontic Discount Program. Because these dentists are neither contractually nor legally bound to offer these discounts, we recommend that you contact the provider to inquire about the continued availability of any discount prior to scheduling an appointment.

When would I need to submit a claim form?

You may be required to submit a claim form for services received from an out-of-network dentist. Please check with your dentist for clarification, as out-of-network providers are not contractually required to submit claims on your behalf. If you select from our list of participating providers, you should never be required to submit a claim form yourself. Click here to find a participating dentist near you.

Will I pay more if I receive treatment from an out-of-network provider?

Yes. If you receive services from an out-of-network provider you may be:

  1. Charged more
  2. Billed for the balance of your bill
  3. Required to pay for services up front
  4. Required to submit a claim form

It is recommended that you check your Schedule of Benefits for your specific out-of-network costs. Out-of-network services provided to BlueDental Care members are not covered.

Your benefit summary provides you with a very brief description of Florida Combined Life’s insurance products. This is not an insurance policy and reflects only the actual provisions of an issued policy control. Florida Combined Life’s insurance policies set forth the rights and obligations of covered persons and Florida Combined Life.

Please be aware that certain limitations and exclusions apply, and certain coverage may be reduced or be terminated due to age or lack of eligibility. If you enroll for coverage, you will be furnished with a policy or certificate of insurance. Please read your insurance documents carefully.

Questions about your billing statement?

If you have an individual BlueDental Choice, BlueDental Choice Plus or BlueDental Choice Copayment plan, please call Membership and billing at 800-352-2583, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
If you have a group or individual BlueDental Care plan, please call 877-325-3979 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.