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Florida Blue offers your clients highly competitive and flexible dental plans with value-adding features that are uniquely designed to work directly with our Florida Blue medical plans. Our dental plans not only promote employee oral health, but also enhance their overall health – improving productivity and lowering medical costs… benefits only available when you Get Your Health TogetherSM with dental and medical plans from Florida Blue

  1. Consumers Prefer More
    Blue Benefits
  2. Oral Health for
    Overall Health
  3. The Smarter
  4. Flexible Plans and
    Competitive Rates
  5. Simpler, Faster and
    Better Service
  6. Get Your Health TogetherSM
    Adds Up for Agents

Get Your Health Together℠ is a service mark of Life and Specialty Venture, LLC.

Consumers Prefer More Blue Benefits

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Employees have a strong preference for benefit packages that include more Blue products. Offering Florida Blue dental plans together with our medical plans improves employee satisfaction, making it easier for employers to recruit and retain employees. Employers can also benefit from our package discounts for medical and dental.

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The Blue Cross brand is strongly preferred by consumers— beyond health insurance.*

Even when compared to prominent health and financial consumer-oriented brands, consumers prefer the peace of mind that comes with Florida Blue across the entire range of financial security products.

Help employers attract and retain top performers

The primary goals of a benefits program are employee recruitment and retention. Because Florida Blue is strongly preferred across all employee benefit products, offering more Blue benefits makes employers more attractive. This helps to increase employee satisfaction while achieving recruitment and retention goals.

Put simply, people want the financial security of Florida Blue.

*CatalystMR/LSV, “2014 Consumer Benefits Survey”, 2014.

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Dental health has a significant direct impact on the overall health and medical costs of our members, especially for those with conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD), and oral cancer— as well as those who are pregnant. Florida Blue’s Oral Health for Overall Health program is uniquely designed to work with Florida Blue health plans to proactively identify members with those conditions. These members are then educated on the enhanced cleaning and periodontal benefits1 we provide. Consumers can receive up to $1,110 in benefits at no additional cost to improve their dental and overall health.

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Oral Health for Overall Health: Better Health Means Lower Medical Costs

Dental health can directly impact the overall health and medical costs of our members, especially those with conditions like diabetes, coronary artery disease (CAD), and oral cancer—and those who are pregnant. Our Oral Health for Overall Health program is uniquely designed to work with Florida Blue health plans to identify these members, conduct outreach, and educate them on the enhanced cleaning and periodontal benefits1 we provide them at no additional cost—a value of up to $1,110.

The enhanced cleanings, screenings, and treatments that we provide through this program are worth up to an additional $1,110 beyond the benefits already in our plan design. These benefits are covered 100% when performed by a participating or preferred dental provider; no deductibles, no coinsurance costs, and everything is covered outside the annual maximums. When it comes to improving our member health and saving members medical costs, we really do put our money where your clients’ mouths are.

A Healthy Mouth is More Than Just a Nice Smile

Enhanced preventative dental care has been shown to dramatically improve the health of those with a number of chronic conditions.2 The large majority of employers are not only familiar with this correlation, but are willing to switch to an integrated health and dental carrier in order to take advantage of improved health and lower medical costs.3

Lower Medical Costs

Studies show that patients with diabetes who received early periodontal treatment saved between 9% and 10% on their overall medical costs; patients who had heart disease saved between 16% and 26% annually.2 Given the prevalence of these conditions, these savings can translate to an estimated 3.6% savings on overall medical costs4 – meaningful medical savings over time for experience-rated and ASO clients.

1 The value of the enhanced dental benefits were calculated using FairHealth® claims data for a fully compliant average FL adult fully utilizing the provided additional enhanced dental benefits (utilizing the periodontal maintenance service benefit option). The value of the preventive services excluded from counting towards annual maximums for members enrolled in the program.

2 A study of over 144,000 insured conducted over a two-year period by Columbia University College of Dental Medicine found that early periodontal treatment reduced overall annual medical costs for individuals with diabetes by 9% and for those heart disease (CAD) by 16%. A similar study by HMSA in Hawaii found annual medical costs reduced by 9.7% for individuals with diabetes (an average cost savings of $897.75 per diabetic member) and by 25.7% for those with CAD (an average cost savings of $4,084.31 for each member with CAD).

3A Florida Blue/FCL study of 804 group benefit decision-makers found that 68% of employers are not only aware of the evidence linking oral health to overall health and lower medical costs, but that they were also willing to switch to an integrated health/dental carrier because of that linkage.

4 Florida Blue/FCL analysis of cost savings and incident rates assumes the following: an average 8.3% diabetics per capita (CDC, 2011); an average 6.0% CAD patients per capita (CDC, 2011); an average 5.45 physician visits per diabetic per year (CDC, 2010); an average 2.42 hours per ambulatory care visit (CDC, 2012); an average 1,778 hours per employee worked per year (OECD, 201); $107,900 average output per employee (CIA Fact Book, 2012); 0.3 average hospital stays per diabetic per year (HHS/AHRQ, 2010); and an average 5.3 days per hospitalization per diabetic (HHS/AHRQ, 2008).

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Florida Blue’s dental networks are not only some of the largest in Florida; they include the highest-quality in-network dentists and deliver deep effective discounts. Our smarter network balances the right number of the right dentists at the right discounts, so your clients will enjoy the highest possible savings, including the #1 ranked PPO network in Florida for effective discounts*. We have the dentists that members want to see at discounts that make them affordable.

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Right Size. Right Dentists. Right Costs.

With more than 70 years in the business of building local Florida provider networks, Florida Blue offers the smartest dental network in the state. Our network balances the three key factors that impact our members and groups:

Right Size – Florida Blue has one of the largest highly discounted PPO networks in Florida. We allow members to choose from close to 7,000 Florida dentists at nearly 35,000 access points. Nationally, our network has more than 90,000 unique dentists at nearly 300,000 access points.

Right Dentists – No one understands Florida healthcare providers like Florida Blue. We use our uniquely local expertise to ensure our networks consist of the highest quality credentialed and certified dental providers in the state.

Right Costs – Florida Blue offers both deeply negotiated discounts and strong in-network utilization rates. This means your clients will enjoy the highest possible savings, including the #1 ranked PPO network in Florida for effective discounts*.

The Power Behind Florida Blue’s SMARTER Network.

Consumers know that the Blue Cross and Shield logo signifies the highest quality provider networks – and that includes our smarter dental network. The difference between a discount and an effective discount depends on how much employees actually use in-network providers over out-of-network providers. Florida Blue has the right number of the right dentists (and at the right discounts). This means lower costs when using our high quality, in-network dentists compared to the lower network utilization rates of other carriers.

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Ruark Consulting, “2016 Dental PPO Network Study”, 2017

Florida Blue offers a comprehensive range of competitive plan options that are flexible enough to match your individual and group clients’ needs. And with additional benefits like our annual maximum rollover and Oral Health for Overall Health program, our plans can not only match, but exceed their other options.

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Flexibility to Deliver What They Need

Florida Blue offers a comprehensive portfolio of competitive plan options that gives you the flexibility to meet your individual and group clients’ needs. And we are now more competitively priced, with up to 20% lower rates for PPO fully—insured group products. With additional benefits like our annual maximum rollover and Oral Health for Overall Health program, our plans can not only match, but exceed our competitors’ offerings.

But low premiums are only part of the equation. Florida Blue’s comprehensive plan choices and flexible products allow the configurations both individuals and employers are increasingly expecting. This empowers agents to provide the customized advisory services many clients seek, all while providing the Blue Cross benefits that consumers vastly prefer.*

Plans that Do More than Just Match—They Exceed

Florida Blue Dental does much more than simply help you match existing benefit plans. We exceed their current and potential plan choices with an array of additional benefits that include:

  • Coverage of implants and posterior composite fillings
  • Optional maximum rollover programs that provide employees with significant available annual maximum dollars beyond those that appear on plan comparison spreadsheets
  • No-cost COBRA administration benefits
  • Discounts on non-covered cosmetic and orthodontic services available at certain providers
  • The enhanced benefits and targeted outreach of our Oral Health for Overall Health program

Your clients’ employees get all of this and more from the brand they prefer for all their benefits* — Florida Blue.

For detailed information on our Products and Services, click here or see our Agent Guides.

* CatalystMR/LSV, “2014 Consumer Benefits Survey”, 2014.

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Florida Blue has made substantial recent investments to improve our enrollment and billing, while our claims and call center metrics remain consistently excellent. Our efforts to improve our service are ongoing, and we are committed to exceeding our clients’ service expectations every day.

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Improved Service: Exceeding Expectations Every Day

Our dedication to improving overall quality is already paying off in industry-leading service delivery, and our service metrics prove it:

Metric FCL Industry*
Average Speed to Answer 28 Seconds Over 52 seconds
Abandonment Rate 1.89% Over 2.5%
First Call Resolution 99.98% Only 95.2%
Claims Processed in <14 days 93.8% Not Available
Claims Accuracy 99.9% Only 99.6%

*Industry Averages from NADP (2016)

Service That’s Simpler.

Florida Blue has rededicated itself to taking difficulties out of the insurance process for you and your individual and group clients.

Extended Service Hours – We know that service needs to be there when our members need it; that’s why we’ve extended our service hours to 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Improved System Integration and Billing Accuracy – As part of ongoing improvements, our systems are now integrated and our new billing audit process helps ensure the accuracy of bills before they go out the door.

Service That’s Faster and More Efficient

We are committed to getting your clients what they need when they need it. Our new integrated team of service professionals have already improved group implementation time with 2016 enrollments that were 26% faster than 2015, reduced member enrollment cycle times, and improved responsiveness.

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Everyone benefits when clients get their health together with both medical and dental plans from Florida Blue—including agents. Selling more Blue products helps your bottom line through our combined incentive programs from both Florida Blue and Florida Combined Life.

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More Blue Benefits are More Rewarding for Everybody

Pairing Florida Blue dental and medical plans benefits you in a number of ways. You earn directly through sales and persistency incentives as a part of FCL’s Group Ancillary Bonus Program, as well as the potential to qualify for the annual FCL incentive trip and a special bonus plan in place through January 1, 2018. Additionally, you earn more Florida Blue classification points for selling our dental plans—points that can make a huge difference for you and your agency.

Group Ancillary Bonus Program

On top of all this, since consumers strongly prefer benefits provided by the Blue Cross Blue Shield brand*, they are much more likely to participate in a dental plan from their most preferred brand. This means higher client participation, as well as higher client satisfaction with Blue products.

AccessBlue Makes Selling Even Easier

We’re working to make selling dental plans from Florida Blue easier and more rewarding. On Florida Blue’s agent website, AccessBlue, you can find dental forms, product collateral, news and updates, answers to frequently asked questions, quick links to help with renewals, and information about compensation and rewards.

* CatalystMR/LSV, “2014 Consumer Benefits Survey”, 2014.

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